About us

Bob Weitzel – philosopher, editor, an involved American living in the Netherlands

After his studies at the University of Wisconsin – Madison (Political Science) and at the Roosevelt University of Chicago, USA (MA Philosophy) he became a PhD candidate at the Catholic University of America, Washington D.C. He decided to move to the Netherlands and was a guest lecturer on American Philosophy in Groningen. Later he had a job as an assistant director at the Center for Security and Cooperation in Europe (CSCE, 1980s), monitoring the Helsinki Accord, involving all of Europe, the USA and Canada.

He missed a publication for expats, so he set up his own in 1986: Dutch News Digest. He wanted his subscribers to have more access to information about everything that was happening in the Netherlands and wrote about current affairs six days a week.

Veronica Verbeek: teacher of English, translator, editor, born and bred in Amsterdam

During and after her studies (MO-A English teacher training course, Certificate in 1982) she taught English at Community Centre De Pijp (volunteer job). Then she decided to continue studying at the University of Amsterdam (English Language and Literature, MA in 1989; drs Engelse Taal- en Letterkunde), while teaching at Volksuniversiteit Amstelveen (1982 – 1998). Later she joined Volksuniversiteit Amsterdam, where she set up a Pronunciation Workshop and focused on phonetics, grammar and literature (1989 – 2018).

In the meantime she edited and translated texts, and – in corporation with Foundation Educational Homestays – organized cultural-literary trips to Great Britain for her own and other students.

Both in this DND format and privately, Bob Weitzel and Veronica Verbeek combine their forces.